Stenovations’ digitalCAT software and LightSpeed writers were created by owner/president Johnny Jay Jackson.

During his reporting career, Johnny passed the RPR, RMR and RDR. He served for ten years as a federal official before starting his free-lance firm. Said firm was extraordinarily successful and funded the founding of Stenovations and the development of the digitalCAT software and LightSpeed keyboards.

Stenovations’ mission is to create reasonably priced, solidly reliable, intuitive, flexible, user-friendly software, and to provide competent and polite technical support.

The LightSpeed writer was Johnny’s dream-come-true keyboard. The Zenith model transcends his dreams, and is truly the world’s most advanced keyboard. Johnny personally provides support and training to all reporters using the Zenith.

Johnny owns the patent rights, insofar as computer keyboards, to the sensing technology used on the skin of the robotic arm of the International Space Station. He also owns two additional patents that complement the base patent.

Instead of metal springs and levers to convert the pressure on each key into steno strokes, the LightSpeed’s sensors are actuated by reflected light.

All LightSpeed keyboards not only facilitate greater speed, but their use reduces stress and fatigue. Using the keyboard on one’s lap instead of using a tripod further enhances those ergonomic benefits.