The world’s most advanced multi-touch, pressure sensitive keyboard

Feather-light touch.

Keys move only a few thousandths of an inch.

Compatible with all CAT software programs.

Ergonomic! Reduces Fatigue!

The Zenith may be used while placed on your lap, eliminating the stress of sitting in an uncomfortable position and holding your arms outstretched.

Extra keys available to define as any steno combination, such as defining a single key to generate a question or answer bank.

Define a key as a macro that generates multiple steno outlines from a single stroke. For example, define the “number” key above the -D key as “-D/-D” and write a single steno stroke incorporating the first -D and have the Zenith software send two strokes to your CAT software, such as writing “padded” with one stroke but two sent to CAT software, i.e., PAD/-D.

Or use the additional sensors on the bottom of the enlongated -B, -G, -S and -Z keys to facilitate writing “backing”, “banking”, “banging”, “thinking”, “planning”, “raised”, “based”, “glanced”, et cetera, in ONE STROKE. You write one stroke and the Zenith software generates two strokes to send to your CAT software.
Or define the additional keys below the vowels to be any steno key combination, such as define the key below the E to be AOE, or the key below the A to be 5, etc. Or maybe define the key below the O as STKPWHR and the key below the E as FRPBLGTS.

The Zenith may be operated while connected by USB to a computer and/or via Bluetooth. The USB cable provides power to the writer and conveys sensor pressure data to the computer every 60th of a second..

The Zenith User Interface (ZUI) software records the pressure data 60 times a second from each of the writer’s 121 sensors. That data is then referenced against threshold settings, key definitions and macros to create steno outlines that are sent to your CAT software, as well as making steno and raw data backup files.

Advanced threshold options — Basic, Single Zone and Absolute — ensure the greatest of accuracy.

All cracks sensors and number keys may be redefined to literally lengthen a key or widen a key, or as a totally different steno combination. For example, if you frequently shadow the -S below the -T, you can redefine the crack sensor from -TS to -T, thereby lengthening the -T key.

The Zenith creates backup files on a removable SD card in the writer itself. Steno keystrokes and corresponding time stamps are stored on said card. The SD card can then be inserted into the computer to transfer steno files for storage or translation.

Additional backup files may be saved by using the Zenith software to direct realtime backup to SD card(s) or thumb drive(s) inserted into the computer itself.

A useful feature for officials is that the Zenith can be operated while placed on top of a notebook computer’s keyboard. Very helpful when space is at a premium or when going into chambers and back to open court.

LightSpeed Zenith Warranty
LightSpeed writers are covered by a two-year warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing and/or component defects.

The LightSpeed Zenith purchase includes phone and technical support for one year from delivery of writer.
Technical support, firmware and software upgrades will be $120 per year thereafter.

Physical specifications: Weight, 2 pounds; width 12.5 inches; depth 7.5 inches; thickness 0.5 inch.