digitalCAT Software

digitalCAT Transcription Software

General Features:

  • Free 90 day trial
  • Easy to learn
  • No hardware key
  • Reduced or “mini” transcripts
  • Word indexes and concordances
  • Automatic examination, exhibit, and objection indexes
  • Easy dictionary entries
  • Easy macro building
  • Include files
  • PDF, ASCII, RTF, and MS Word export features
  • Captioning upgrade available
  • Easily exported settings and dictionaries from one computer to another
  • Frequent updates with new and better features
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10

Real Time and Translation Features:

  • Powerful misstroke correction features
  • Powerful anti-stacking features
  • Compatible with all modern steno writers
  • Perform almost ANY function from your steno keyboard

Audio Features:

  • Store hundreds of hours of audio on your notebook.
  • Perfect audio and video synchronization
  • Allows playback at variable speeds without pitch distortion

Editing Features:

  • Make text easier to read on screen while keeping theprinting normal
  • “Alternate Words” feature
  • Customizable editing keys
  • Single Key editing with Quick Keys

System Recommendations:

Windows 10, Vista, or Windows 7: 2 GHz Pentium class Processor, 1 GB RAM, 100 MB of Hard Disk Space

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