digitalCAT 4

The wait is over! digitalCAT 4 is now available as an upgrade for customers with active leases, or who have and have maintained support contracts.

To request your upgrade, fill out the form below, and you will receive an email promptly with further instructions on how to download and install the digitalCAT 4 software.

digitalCAT 4 has several new features and improvements:

  • Direct USB connection with Stenograph’s Cybra, Mira, and Diamante (in Mira mode) writers, meaning you can now connect these writers (and more to come) directly via USB, without adapters or real-time cables
  • Live real-time broadcast refresh through Bridge
  • DocSync (an improved version of CIC) also supports live real-time broadcast refresh for LiveLink, Stenovations’ own real-time broadcast receiving software
  • Automated dictionary cleanup processes which look for and correct issues when a user imports converted dictionaries originating from other CAT softwares, such as Case CATalyst and Eclipse
  • Redaction (blacking out a section of text in a transcript so that it cannot be viewed by anyone but the transcript’s creator) right from the Edit menu
  • One key off suggestions process untranslates against frequently translated entries to improve translation
  • ‘Dictionary Query One Key Off’ searches dictionaries for similar entries to help improve translation, and can be used on any steno, not just untranslates
  • Seating Chart to make it easy to remember which Speaker is which
  • Network editing and video options coming soon!

Version History

2012.12.008 – Resolved the following issues:
  • Corrected formatting issues from merging paragraphs
  • Fixed displaying page numbers at the bottoms of reduced transcripts
  • Changed “Suggest Briefs” and “Add/Change Word Endings”
  • Resolved crashes when inserting indexes in certain conditions

2012.12.001 – Resolved the following issues:

  • General performance and reliability improvements

2012.07.007 – Resolved the following issues:

  • Dictionary Maintenence application crashing when trying to open a dictionary
  • Punctuation options under Translater->Dictionaries
  • Long startup times under certain conditions

2012.07.005 – Initial Public Release

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